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NY Food Stamp Fraud Attorney

NY Food Stamp Fraud Attorney

     Food stamps are a program that aids lower income families attain healthy foods. This program comes with a number of rules and regulations concerning qualifications for receiving aid. While many rules are straight forward and easy to understand, there are some that could be misunderstood and charges of fraud could arise.


When Charges Arise


     As a government sponsored program, there will be confusing terms as well as red tape to wade through. If charged with food stamp fraud, be sure to consult a professional to protect your rights. A professional will know the best way to defend the case within the mandates of the law.




     Experience is the best way to protect your rights and get the best possible outcome. The experienced food stamp fraud lawyer will know the terms involved with the case and the regulations concerning the program. They will be able to navigate the case to the quickest and best outcome for their clients.


Protecting Rights


     If a client is found guilty of food stamp fraud, there can be hefty fines and even jail time. One could also be facing a partial or even total loss of benefits that range from a couple months, to lifetime suspension of benefits. Protecting your right to retain benefits and not go to jail is an important aspect that an attorney can do for you


Be Smart Get A Consultation


     Some individuals may feel that they can adequately navigate the hearing process without an attorney. This may be the case, but acquiring a consultation is typically free and may expose alternative solutions to the charges. There is no harm to getting advice. That advice may even prove to be beneficial to the accused.


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